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Estimated Visa Processing: 
Up to 12 Weeks
Appointment System

The Greece Visa Application Centre utilizes an appointment system for the submission of visa applications. Once we have received all the necessary materials to support your visa application, ALLvisa will arrange an appointment at the Visa Application Centre.

Required Documents For Your Visa 

The necessary supporting documents for your application are outlined below. Each document is included in the comprehensive ALLvisa Application Pack. This pack comprises step-by-step instructions, application forms, and detailed requirements to facilitate the acquisition of your travel documents. Hover over each document for more detailed information.
Visa Appointment

It is a requirement that all visa applicants must attend the TLScontact centre in person as fingerprints are taken. TLScontact currently operates a centre in London, Manchester and Edinburgh.


Applicants will be required to attend the centre on the day of their visa appointment for their biometric details to be recorded; between 8:00am and 16.30 Monday to Friday. Applicants who do not attend the centre on the day of their appointment at the allotted time will be required to contact ALLvisa to book another appointment.  


The processing time quoted is approximate and cannot be guaranteed. The current waiting time for an appointment is 2-3 weeks. ALLvisa recommends that you apply no more than 90 days before your departure date.

Visa appointment
Visa Application Form
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Visa Application Form
Complete and sign one application form. Also, fill out the France Document Preparation Service Request found in the Application Pack. After ALLvisa receives your documents, we will electronically complete your visa application form on your behalf and send it to you. Remember to sign the form before your appointment.

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Submit applicant signed passport with a minimum of two blank visa pages. Ensure it's valid for at least three months beyond the visa expiry date and is free from any damage.

Proof of Residency
Proof of Residency
An original residence permit valid for three months beyond the visa expiry date. UK type B and C visa holders must apply in their home country. If your permit is extended, show UKVI confirmation. In this case, obtain a share code from UKVI for the Consulates to verify your immigration status 

Two recent color passport-sized photographs are required, adhering to the following specifications:

  1. The photographs must feature a white background.

  2. They should be captured within the last three months.

  3. Ensure that these photographs have not been previously utilized for any visa or passport application.

  4. The images must display the subject's hairline without any obstruction, such as a fringe, turban, or veil.

  5. It is essential that the photographs are not affixed or glued to the visa application form.

Proof of Travel Arrangements
Proof of Travel Arrangement 

Submit proof of travel, including:

  1. Confirmed return ticket (plane, ferry, bus, etc.).

  2. Hotel reservation confirmation or a document outlining the planned itinerary.

Proof of Relationship
Proof of Relationship

For dependent relationships, provide:

  1. Original Birth Certificate or Original Marriage Certificate.

  2. If not in English, translate and legalize the certificate through the Foreign Office or the Embassy of the country of issue.

  3. Include the original passport of the spouse/child.

Proof of Finance
Proof of Finance

Applicant must provide last 3 months worth of bank statements (UK current account) showing your full name and address, and proving that you have enough funds for the whole duration of the trip.


If you are financially sponsored by your spouse/partner : marriage certificate and bank statements of your spouse/partner.

Proof of Travel Insurance

Submit a travel insurance policy with the following features:

  1. Applicant's full name stated

  2. Coverage for all hospital and repatriation costs

  3. Coverage for the entire Schengen Area

  4. Validity dates covering the entire trip

  5. Minimum coverage of 30,000 Euros.

Proof of Travel Insurance

For minors under 18 traveling with one parent/legal guardian:

If separated/divorced:

  1. Child's full original birth certificate (long version).

  2. Ex-partner's original passport or certified copy.

  3. Your valid original passport.

  4. Authenticated parental authorization to travel form, completed and signed by both parents/legal guardians and verified by a solicitor.

If you have sole custody:

  1. Child's full original birth certificate (long version).

  2. Original court order establishing custody.


Parental authorization form can be found in the application pack.

ALLvisa Order Confirmation
ALLvisa Order Confirmation
Include the ALLvisa Order Form from the kit when submitting your documents.

Employee : recent signed official letter from your employer, and/or payslips for the last three months.


Self-employed : Recent letter from your accountant, banker or solicitor, specifying your professional independent activity or the ownership of a company in the UK + Letter from the British financial authorities.


Students : recent signed official letter from your school or University in the UK.

Proof of Employment 
Proof of Employment
Service fees

Fees for consular services and ALLvisa are charged for each traveler. The total cost of your order depends on the services you choose, the number of travelers, and the processing time needed, starting from the day we submit your application. Please be aware that consular fees may change without notice.

ALLvisa charges fees per application, and these fees do not include consular fees or charges from third parties. ALLvisa handles the submission of consular fees and associated processing fees on your behalf.

Guided Entry  Service

To start the process, click the 'Get Started' button at the top of this page.

- Our consultant will review your documents, book your appointment.

- Biometrics are mandatory for all applicants, and detailed instructions will be provided once the appointment date is confirmed.

- Ensure you submit all documents to us at least 5 working days before the appointment to avoid rescheduling.

Upon confirmation of this service, we will email you an Application Pack.

Handling Fees:

Visa validity

Processing time

Consular fees

ALLvisaHandling Fee (exc VAT)

At the consulate’s discretion

up to 15 working days



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